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24 September - 30 September

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Monday 8th October 2018
10.00 am Grief Share (Oasis)
2.00 pm Ways N’ Means (Oasis)
7.30 pm Shine Book Club (Oasis)
7.30 pm Business Committee (Reception Room)
8.00 pm PUSH (Prayer Room)

Tuesday 9th October 2018
7.00 am Elders Prayer Meeting (Reception Room)
6.00 pm GB Tiny Tots//Explorers (Oasis & Playgroup Room)
7.00 pm GB Company Section (Oasis & Playgroup Room)
7.30 pm Buildings Open Day Team Meeting (Prayer Room)

Wednesday 10th October 2018
6.30 pm English Language Classes

Thursday 11th October 2018
6.30 pm BB Anchor Boys (Oasis & Playgroup Room)
7.30 pm BB Junior/Company Section (Oasis & Playgroup Room)
7.30 pm Building Committee (Prayer Room)

Friday 12th October 2018
10.00 am Ladies Tea / Coffee (Oasis)
6.45 pm Band & Musicians Practice (Sanctuary)
8.00 pm Harvest Choir Rehearsal (Sanctuary)

Saturday 13th October 2018
8.00 am Prayer Meeting (Reception)
9.30 am Harvest Preparation (Sanctuary)
12.00 pm The Beacon (Oasis, Playgroup Room, Kitchen)

Sunday 14th October 2018
11.30 am Embrace (Oasis)
3 00 pm Christian Foundation Course (2) (Playgroup Room)
4.45 pm Band & Musicians Practice (Sanctuary)
8.00 pm The Movement— Essentials (Oasis)

Harvest Choir: All singers should make a special effort to attend our final harvest choir rehearsal on Friday 12th October at 8pm.

Crèche Rotas: Sept to June 2019, for both 9.30 & 11.30 am available from Prayer Room where the crèche is currently being held.

The Movement: LIFE Groups are back tonight from 8-9:30pm! If you’re in Year 8&9 meet at the church for 8pm; all other groups check with your leaders for updates on your locations.

Ways ‘n’ Means : meets Mon.8th @ 2.00pm Oasis. Looking forward to a “Big Birthday”.

 Harvest Sunday 14th October: We are seeking donations for Harvest. Gifts of flowers, fruit & vegetables will be really appreciated. We also need green foliage. Produce should be left at the church on Saturday 13th before 9.30am If you wish, cash donations can be given to Sherry Suett or Ruth Crooks. This year our Harvest of Plenty will be     distributed to Silver Link, Local Nursing Homes, Refuge Centres and those who are ill.

Silver Link: members are asked to note that, with great reluctance, it has been decided to cancel the October meeting, previously arranged for Thursday, 25th Oct. This is     because of the work which is likely to be going on during week commencing 22nd Oct to get the premises ready for the Open Day on Sat 27th Oct. Our next meeting will       therefore be on 29th Nov, when (DV) we will have our Christmas dinner.’

Bob’s Store: Thank you for your contributions last month. This month we would       appreciate: breakfast cereal, tinned soup/beans, tinned fruit/custard and pasta sauce.

High Kirk Cycling Group: We raised an incredible £6770 for our sponsored cycle ride round the lough. This will greatly assist the charities that help Joshua and Olivia.

Art Project: Are you 50+? Would you like to become involved in an exciting art project with folk from Carrickfergus and Hope House? We will be making an art piece under the guidance of an experienced tutor. We will meet for five weeks in High Kirk commencing Friday 5th Oct from 2 – 4.30pm (Oasis) and then for a further four weeks in Feb at     Carrickfergus. All transport provided plus visits to other communities.   Our completed art work will be displayed at a celebration evening and meal in Tullyglass House next June. For details please contact Lorraine McAllister.

Colin and Sunhwa Jenkins in Cork (Seamen’s Christian Friend Society) are collecting gifts for seafarers’ Christmas presents again this year:

Colin will be collecting items (or ready made gift bags – 5/6 items in a freezer zip bag is ideal) from October. Distribution on the ships runs from November – January each year. An ‘ideas for presents’ poster is in the vestibule or available from John and Heather Jenkins. You can email Colin at: for more information, or if you would like to receive regular updates on their work. Thanks so much everyone!

HOST UK: arranges for international students to enjoy brief home-stays with UK hosts, one day, a weekend or, over the festive period-a three day visit.   If you should like to know more, please go to our website or leave us a message on

Fundraiser for E3 Ballymena: A coffee morning will be held in 2nd Broughshane on Sat 20th Oct during which you’ll have a chance to explore and experience the Key to life lorry for yourself between 11—11.45am.

Blood Transfusion Service: The next blood donation sessions will be held in St Patrick’s Church Hall, Trostan Avenue on Wed 17th and 18th Oct from 1.30 pm—4 pm and from 5.15 pm—8pm on both days.

GERMAN VISITORS Would any lovely HK families be able and willing to put up a teacher for two nights B&B and dinner? They would arrive Wed evening 24th October for dinner and leave after breakfast on Fri 26th October. You get a little fee for your trouble so won’t be out any expenses [£60 for 1 teacher and £120 for 2 to cover costs] and get to meet some     interesting characters! If you strike up a connection they may even have you back over to their homes in Germany sometime! Also, might as well put this out there too since we have so many teachers in HK – 6 schools (both primary and secondary) are required to be willing to have 2 teachers observe lessons for a day or two so if any teachers     or principals see this and would like to offer both I’d be so grateful! If anyone is interested please message Amy Gregg email



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