Acts 15-28

What will it take to advance the kingdom of God today? We are living in interesting and challenging days for the church. The Christian culture in the western world is in decline, more than that it is being vigorously opposed by liberal elites in society. These are hard days to stand for orthodox Christian beliefs which once informed everything from our education system, our hospitals and our government to our press and media. Yet we should not give up hope. Things have been worse.

In the second half of the first century AD we find a young church being established but having to face persecution and opposition from without and within. In Acts chapters 15-28 we see the church at a tipping point. Either it will grow and flourish or it will succumb to false teaching, the prevailing philosophies of the day and to Jewish legalism. Thanks to a few bold individuals filled with the power of the Holy Spirit that young fragile church would grow and would gain a firm hold upon the world’s consciousness. Roman and Greek world views would disintegrate and the Christian view of life would prevail.

Today we need to hear this story again. Today we need to recover our faith in a God who gives his church, the same church, the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised to build his church. In the second half of Acts we hear how he did it and learn valuable lessons of how He can do it again in our time and in this culture.