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What is Café Church?

Café Church is an innovative concept unique to Ballymena which is designed for those who see church as irrelevant or un-engaging to them and their culture. In other words Café Church is a fresh expression of how we ‘do’ church. Combining elements of the traditional service with that of a modern coffee shop, Café Church seeks to break down traditional church in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

What makes it unique?

As you arrive, you sit where you want, with whom you have arrived with and chat. You get a coffee and you get something to eat as acoustic music plays in the background. As the hour progresses elements of conventional church are unfolded in a non-traditional way. There is some singing but you don’t have to stand and sing. A short Bible talk is given; there is a Bible reading and prayer is offered. Importantly people also have an opportunity to engage with what is being said. It doesn’t matter whether you disagree or agree, people are welcome to express their opinions and to ask questions.

Why is this something you should come along to?

Café Church is a unique opportunity to experience Christian worship and teachings in a more relaxed environment and to challenge any preconceptions of church itself. 150 different people have attended Café Church since we began last year and those who were there commented on the informality and the sense of community within the event, not to forget the free filter coffee, buns, and doughnuts!

When and where is this happening?

Café Church takes place at various times throughout the year, with doors opening at 11am in the Oasis Room of High Kirk Presbyterian Church and there will be plenty of directions to show you where to go. You can come by yourself, with a partner or friends, or with your family, as crèche and Sunday School facilities are running at the same time.

So if you’re curious about the Christian faith, want to find out more about Jesus, or want to reconnect with church then we’d love to see you come along.

Keep checking the website to see when the next Café Church begins.