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Care & Pastoral

Visiting Teams

The men and women in the visiting team each call with one or more of our senior members about once a month. It is important that these older people know that they matter – to God, to the church family at High Kirk, and to their visitor. Visiting someone regularly can be a challenge, but it can also be very fulfilling and rewarding. A close bond builds up between the two and many of our team speak of receiving much more than they give.

Ways ‘n’ Means

Many people live day after day with various long-term conditions and can often feel isolated and neglected. Over the past few years we have invited those with a long-term condition to meet with each other once a month. Through a varied programme of physical activity, talks and an opportunity for chat and mutual support, we have been trying to offer help – and hope. Several of the group have spoken of how they now feel less like spectators and enjoy being participants!

Silver Link

Last Thursday of each month 1.00pm

Silver Link, for the over 60’s, meets on the last Thursday in the month from 1.00pm to 3.00pm, from September to June. The aim of Silver Link is to promote friendship and fellowship. A three course meal is served which is followed by a varied and interesting programme to help and encourage members in their physical and spiritual lives.


The death of someone we love is painful beyond words as anyone who has faced bereavement will know. In today’s society many bereaved people grieve alone, often frightened by the intensity of their emotions and feeling that no-one cares or understands. Most grieving people don’t need specialist counselling – just someone to care, and go on caring when others have stopped calling.