Zoom Guide to Video Calling

Many of us are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ of isolating ourselves within our households. While this has presented us challenges we have many opportunities  

This is a significant event in all of our lives, with a lot of uncertainty, so keeping up many of our normal routines is vital for our spiritual welfare. 

With that in mind we wanted to help provide some additional support to any of you not sure about how to meet with others using video calling applications. This is a great way to still see each other and bring some normality back to your time together.

Whether you are in a Life Group, a prayer group, involved in any ministry in our church, just with friends or those you support pastorally, you may find this guide helpful.  The guide attached does not cover every eventuality.

If you have any further questions, please contact us using the church email office@highkirk.org.uk, we will be more than willing to spend time and support you in using this technology that can help enable us to meet virtually through this time. 

Zoom Guide

From our Finance Committee

In these uncertain times we have already been making efforts to decrease our church expenditure but we do have commitments which we want to continue for as long as possible. Fortunately we have a good number of folk who contribute by standing order. But when we can’t meet as a church for worship this inevitably has a knock on effect on income as we no longer collect our weekly offering. To ameliorate this shortfall, there are a number of options we would ask you to consider which enable you to continue to give to the Lord’s work:-

1. The easiest way is to request a Standing Order form from the church office (office@highkirk.org.uk), and complete it and send it in, which will automatically send your offering on an ongoing monthly basis straight to the High Kirk bank account. The form allows you to specify a split between FWO, Mission, Building/Property and Utd Appeal. Please remember to include your FWO number for identification.

2. If you have access to Internet online banking (either on your computer or smartphone) you can make a payment from your account to the High Kirk account. Simply set High Kirk up as a payee in your online banking app (details of our account number are available from office@highkirk.org.uk)  and then you can transfer your offering on a weekly or monthly basis. Again please remember to add your FWO number for identification purposes to the reference. Using this method, it is difficult to set up a split between FWO, Mission etc. and it would be easier to do separate transfers for each and identify in the reference alongside your FWO number (e.g. FWO 571 – Mission)

3. If you would prefer still to give through the envelopes, then keep setting aside on a monthly basis. In due course we can make arrangements for your envelopes to be collected by your elder.

Thank you so much for your co-operation.

Adrian Pogue


A Letter to the Congregation

Dear Members of the Congregation,

We are going through an unprecedented time at the moment with travel being curtailed and churches not even able to meet. People are losing their jobs and livelihoods and whole countries have been in lockdown.

At times such as these it is important to keep in touch, to talk on the phone, use email and social media etc, especially if personal physical contact is at a minimum. No doubt families will be pulling together and helping loved ones and indeed neighbours get through this difficult time.

It is important that we keep caring for each other.  Some of us will be self-isolating for various reasons so if you, or someone you know from church, is in need of spiritual and/or practical help please get in touch with Nikki Gillan (Pastoral Associate) on 07930 336369, or myself (028 25652407) and we will endeavour to help where we can. eg  a regular phone call, shopping collected, items posted, prescriptions collected. We encourage you to keep in touch with your Life groups, people you serve with in ministry, your neighbours & friends. Our elders will be phoning around their Pastorates to ensure that you are keeping well through this time.

While the church cannot meet together physically, if you have the Internet, then please access the sermons each week on Youtube/Facebook or via the church website. We will try and keep lines of communication open as much as possible. With all the uncertainty and no idea at all when restrictions will be relaxed we pray for patience for us, strength for the health service personnel and for wise government from our leaders. As the world in some ways is brought to its knees may people look up to God and to Jesus as our Rock in times of trouble. 

I appreciate that there are members of our congregation who cannot access the internet and who are not on email. In the incoming weeks we hope to get our Easter magazine, this letter and a CD/DVD to those in this category. It is helpful to us if we can ascertain who is not on email or the internet so if you are aware of members of the congregation who are isolated in that way let us know and we will endeavour to post/deliver information to them.

This can be a worrying time but we will get through it and we know that the Lord ultimately is in control. Out of difficulties and darkness the light of the gospel can shine more brightly. “Let us encourage one another and all the more as The Day approaches (Hebrews 10:25)”.

Blessings in Christ,