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In these uncertain times we have already been making efforts to decrease our church expenditure but we do have commitments which we want to continue for as long as possible. Fortunately we have a good number of folk who contribute by standing order. But when we can’t meet as a church for worship this inevitably has a knock on effect on income as we no longer collect our weekly offering. To ameliorate this shortfall, there are a number of options we would ask you to consider which enable you to continue to give to the Lord’s work:-

1. The easiest way is to request a Standing Order form from the church office (, and complete it and send it in, which will automatically send your offering on an ongoing monthly basis straight to the High Kirk bank account. The form allows you to specify a split between FWO, Mission, Building/Property and Utd Appeal. Please remember to include your FWO number for identification.

2. If you have access to Internet online banking (either on your computer or smartphone) you can make a payment from your account to the High Kirk account. Simply set High Kirk up as a payee in your online banking app (details of our account number are available from  and then you can transfer your offering on a weekly or monthly basis. Again please remember to add your FWO number for identification purposes to the reference. Using this method, it is difficult to set up a split between FWO, Mission etc. and it would be easier to do separate transfers for each and identify in the reference alongside your FWO number (e.g. FWO 571 – Mission)

3. If you would prefer still to give through the envelopes, then keep setting aside on a monthly basis. In due course we can make arrangements for your envelopes to be collected by your elder.

Thank you so much for your co-operation.

Adrian Pogue