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On Sunday mornings in January and February we will be looking at how to work through some of the difficult aspects of being the church of Jesus Christ. How do we love the church – that is the people who make up the church – not a cold impersonal institution? When God in his grace calls us into his church there are implications for us as we walk together in the grit and messiness of life.

We will be looking at why we should love the church, how to grow in holiness as a church and how to encourage and admonish one another to purity of life. How we live as individuals matters because it can impact the wellbeing of the body Christ so we need to recognise our responsibility before God to love each other well.

For this to happen love may have to be tough and we will also look at what Jesus says about confronting sin and relationship breakdown. How should we deal with that personally and when do we get others involved? What role does the church leadership play in all of this?

Finally what does it really mean to share and sacrifice for each other. How can we emulate the NT church to such an extent that people say – “see how they love one another.”

Join us as we look at how to be a grace filled church that deals with the discipline and grit of saved sinners seeking to live holier lives.