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In High Kirk, the Staff and Kirk session have come up with a number of values that we consider to be of utmost importance in church life.

High Kirk aims to be a worshipful, prayerful community of people who are passionate about God and making Him known. Our core values will inform our priorities and activities.

Our values:
Gospel centrality – the gospel informs all that we do as a church. We commit to the good news of Jesus for everyone, recognising that God’s Word needs to be preached and applied in the power of, and openness to, the Holy Spirit.

Intentional discipleship – we will intentionally nurture Christian maturity, engaging all our members, young and old, in meaningful service and ministry.

Missional living – we will be faithful witnesses in our everyday lives. In doing this we seek to reach all generations and all people with the gospel.

Generous hospitality – we will offer welcoming friendship and sacrificial hospitality to all who connect with us.

Joyful excellence – we will enjoy doing things simply but well.