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Three weeks on from “Release”… what has changed? The more I read and reflect, the more I realise that this word, “Release,” offers so much.

Firstly, we are released to be free! Mark quoted John 10:10 “I have come that they (sheep) may have life, and have it to the full.” Paul writing to the Galatians in Ch. 4 says that “At the right time in history God sent His Son to earth to be subject to earthly laws.” He grew up to know sin, all the human emotions and circumstances of our lives but He himself was without sin so by His death and resurrection He could set us free from sin and adopt us into his family.

The freedom that Christ won on the cross gives us freedom from… and freedom to… Freedom from a life of guilt and shame. Freedom to be and do as Christ would lead us. Freedom to be a child of God…Freedom to be loving and have compassion for the hurting… freedom to be joyful even in the most difficult of circumstances for our joy comes from the LORD… freedom to take risks, to make mistakes, to fail but ultimately to bear fruit for Him on the journey.

What have you been freed from? What is God asking of you in your freedom?



Shirley Donaldson