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Social Media

What can happen in a day?

If you’re talking social media, the answer is A LOT.

In the next 24 hours 700,000 more people will join Facebook – pushing its population to around 1.5 billion people worldwide.

In the next 24 hours there will be 300,000 new Twitter members joining in with the sending of over 64 million tweets each day.

In the next 24 hours 1 billion pieces of information will be posted, viewed, liked, shared, and tagged for friends, followers and the whole world to see.

This all happens every single day. Social media is BIG. And it is full of possibilities.

Social Media and the Church

For Christians, and the worldwide church, it provides us with wonderful opportunities whether we are church leaders or members to build a platform of social influence that can extend well beyond the four walls of a Sunday experience.

At the touch of a button social media gives us all in the church today a tool for interaction and connection with the people and world around us. Maybe surprisingly to you, anyone of us can do it. We don’t need to have any technical qualifications, Internet know-how or even writing skills!

Social media opens doors and opportunities to engage with people who rarely, if ever, set foot in a church building, allowing us to share the amazing message of the gospel with them, quite simply, wherever they are at in their lives.

Perhaps just as amazingly, social media also gives us a great platform to “inreach” with people who already come and play an active role within our life and witness here at High Kirk.

Within the Youth and Family Ministry Area here in High Kirk we use social media – like Facebook and Instagram – as a way of “inreaching” our young people. We share photos, events, Bible verses, encouraging words and so much more.

And we do this with the desire that our young people will have their say, ask questions, interact with each other, build one another up and even share the things we promote on their profiles with our trusted hashtag – #highkirkignite – that the reach of their Christian faith might be far and wide and their peers will get a glimpse of what we get up to.

Social media is BIG. And it is full of possibilities. At the touch of a button your voice can become louder and more far-reaching than you could ever have imagined.

Why not sign up today!

Our top 10 tips for using social media:

  1. Think before you post.
  2. Be social – engage with your friends and followers.
  3. Be aware of your privacy settings.
  4. Encourage and celebrate people, achievements, and significant milestones; never bring anyone down.
  5. Be real and transparent – communicate who you truly are.
  6. Don’t let social media become a substitute for knowing the person.
  7. Take photos and share them – a picture can say a thousand words.
  8. Don’t use social media to solve disagreements.
  9. Remember to be safe and always log out.
  10. Don’t make it all about you. Help others. Serve others. Reach out to others.

Andrew Dickson,
Director of  Youth Ministries