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Ezekiel 22:30: I looked for someone to stand up for me against all this, to repair the defences of the city to take a stand for me and stand in the gap to protect this land… I couldn’t find anyone. Not one.

Care for Cambodia (CFC) is an NGO focused on education. It works towards community development throughout rural Cambodia by providing supplementary teaching, educational resources and university scholarships to Cambodia’s most needy children and young people. CfC’s vision is to see Cambodians, young and old alike, caring for one another so that they might enjoy life and have opportunities to reach their individual and corporate potential.

More information on the organisation can be found here:                          

CfC is committed to a ‘bottom up’ development model; we seek to empower locals, giving them the opportunity to participate in management and decision-making about organisational strategy and in the selection of priorities to be pursued in their local area. CfC seeks to build local capacity so as to leave a sustainable long-term development legacy.

However, any developing country has areas of need that are not met by locals; this is the cause of stagnancy in progress and growth. Where such areas are identified in CfC’s structures, foreign help is sought and appreciated.  Mission work is slowly moving away from the model of short-term teams meeting short-term needs.  CfC seeks individuals who can contribute to long term solutions who, regardless of the length of their trip, will leave behind a positive benefit that will be long-lasting.

As an organization, CfC seeks that Cambodia is full of people with the capacity to care for children, complete manual labour tasks, manage administration projects – some of these roles are historically the remit of mission teams.  We want to change this model and accordingly offer employment in those areas to engaged, enthusiastic, positive, ambitious locals. These are the people who will remain long after the short-term mission volunteer returns to their home country.  We do need help in other areas, however. Namely, these areas include: English teachers, writers (of reports and information for interested parties), administrators (for submission of requests for access to international aid funds), designers (for advertising brochures or multimedia), photographers, videographers, creators of training resources, teachers of teachers etc.  The opportunities are many and varied, please inquire as to how your skills may be used.

These jobs maybe are not ‘front line’ jobs; they may not be regarded as particularly action-packed or meaningful. And yet, these are the gaps. These are the areas where you could leave a legacy benefit long after you leave.  And we need will participants to fill them in order that CfC might be an agent of meaningful trans-formative social change.

Can you stand in the gap with us?