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After a long wait of excitement to make new friends, have fun, and learn about our God, Summer Madness 2015 had finally arrived, along with the dread of using multiple port-a-loos and sleeping in a tent.

I made my way up to the festival with Sophie and Lauren, the car filled to the brim with unnecessary clothing and everything you need to survive five nights in a tent (which proved very difficult in a Mini). We arrived and the whole site was buzzing and ready to get the week started!

The weather was awful the whole time but it didn’t affect us at all, apart from the lack of sleep due to pelting rain on the tent.


There were many different seminars throughout each day that you could attend which were on a range of topics and appealed to everyone. The talks were based on the beatitudes found in Matthew 5:1-10. They challenged each of us and I’m sure everyone would agree in saying that we all learnt a lot from them!

In the Beatitudes Jesus is praising certain values and attitudes and telling us if you have these values and attitudes you will be close to God, you will be blessed. By knowing what the heart of God is like the Beatitudes invite us to imitate the heart of God. God became man in Christ so that we would become more like Him. The Beatitudes teach us how to become more like God, how to reflect the goodness and beauty and truth in the heart of God.

All in all, everyone had a blast and we all got much closer and got to know everyone really well! Along with great food and great friends, it was a very successful weekend and I look forward to next year very much!

Katie Moles