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Well it seems pretty crazy to think that we’ve actually been back from Uganda for a few months now; it’s been even more insane thinking how different things will be now for both the team and for the kids back in Uganda, as we get back to doing what we normally do.

I think everyone in the team was extremely excited to go to out Uganda (I mean, Africa, come on) but I don’t think any of us really anticipated just how much of the heart and soul of the people of Africa that we would bring home with us.

Everyone we met whilst working in Kiti Parents School were such passionate followers of Jesus and you could see so clearly that they depend on Him, every single day, because they were constantly thanking and praising Him. This thankful attitude reflected in the way the kids acted as they were all so humble, yet so excited about life! I think for the team this, alongside their joyful style of worshipping, was enormously encouraging to see, as these kids are the next bunch of Christians to go out into the world and to see that the love they have for their Saviour is real and tangible was amazing. It really was.

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I think I can safely say on behalf of the team, that our mission trip to Uganda was one we’re not going to forget in a hurry. We saw God’s love in a way that you just wouldn’t see in Norn Iron, because we witnessed a people eager for it. We hardly stopped smiling the whole time (except Michael Wray who has a grumpy resting face) and that’s purely because the children give you so much to smile about. We honestly loved every second so thanks to everyone who helped us get there because it was incredible.

(written by Saz Monty)P1110983