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God has big plans for his church. He sees the church as the primary means of bringing his kingdom reign into the lives of people. However too often the church seems to be ineffective in bringing that change into the world. We are not good at being salt and light. But God persists with his plan despite our failings. Perhaps one of the reasons why we are not as effective as we could be is because we ignore a simple channel for growth, meeting together in small groups.

God has made us to be relational creatures: the phrase “it was not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18) not only applies to Adam and Eve and a marriage context but to all of life. John Donne said it another way – “no man is an Island entire of itself”. We need each other: we are better together.

Many churches like ours have small groups, but many churches like ours, find that the majority of their membership are not in small groups.

We would love to see this change because we believe that as we share life together with others it makes a difference and helps us to be better disciples. Not that small groups in themselves are the answer, it is what we do in them that counts.

In this series through Sunday mornings in September we are exploring the benefits of being part of a small group of people sharing life together. We see that the small group can improve our reach into the world, help to answer our questions, enable us to care for each other and, of course, have fun.

Rev. Norman Cameron

The notes and study questions for this series have been produced to help guide you in your small groups. Click here to listen to the sermon series online. The study notes are available for download by clicking the relevant pdf.


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