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One of the most, in fact probably the most prominent story in the whole Bible and of human history is the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. This month in kid’s church we learned about the solemn yet miraculous crucifixion.

I often find myself wondering why the omnipotent Jesus chose the cross. How could the suffering of Jesus lead to everlasting life for us? Through the undeserved disgrace He endured, we can receive God’s unwarranted grace and the beautiful gift of new life.

In the midst of the criminal charges held against Him for His kingship, the rulers and crowd failed to recognise Jesus for who He really was. They truly failed to recognise His eternal reigning power that out ruled any of the political powers of their day. How heartbreaking to consider the hatred, opposition and insults hurled at Jesus, the innocent One, even from the criminals who hung beside him on the cross.

Jesus Christ refused to bow down to the hateful whims of the world, even amid the physical brutality of His suffering. Jesus Christ was unwilling to save himself, because He knew what He had to do to save you.

How often do you allow yourself to really grasp that measure of love? Have you ever known anyone to make such a sacrifice? Jesus Christ, the One who knew no sin, took upon himself the sins of the world. The invitation is calling each one of us, we never have to know a life without Him. Praise God for the wonderful cross of Calvary!

“My favourite bit was Jesus going in the tomb because He became alive again! Jesus coming alive again meant that Jesus beat the snake!”

Ben, age 4.

How to pray for our children this month:

  • Give thanks for our Family Day where children got the chance to engage in a prayer space with their parents. Such a fruitful day and a joy to see children fully embracing prayer. Pray the fruit of that continues.
  • Start to pray for Holiday Bible Club – both for our own children in church and those outside our church who will come along. Let’s pray big!!!

by Amy Turner
Associate for Childrens’ Ministries