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Studies in Nehemiah

Our morning series is on the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. This book contains many lessons on leadership – enabling vision, dealing with opposition, perseverance and prayerfulness.

As we enter this autumn after a very challenging past six months Nehemiah will challenge us to look at the spiritual walls of our lives. Some of us have come through the past year stronger as Christians but for many of us there are gaps in the walls and maybe even some rubble building up that needs to be cleared. The lack of Christian fellowship can take its toll so as we start to take small steps to regather physically in the building from next week let us allow the Holy Spirit to use this wonderful book of Nehemiah to stir us and shape us.

Wherever we are in the Christian life we can do with ongoing spiritual maintenance and even total rebuilding. Join us as we begin our new series both online and onsite (from 13th September). This Sunday we begin with a vision, a vision of what could be.


Sermon series can be found by clicking the link below: