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Three servants were each given coins from their master – one received five, another received two and the third servant received one. Each servant was given what the master thought they were capable of taking care of.

This passage highlights a stark contrast between faithful obedience and laziness within the Kingdom of God. Two of the servants were passionate and enthused to do more compared with the third servant who felt passive in response to what he was given by his master.

In kids church, we learned about the master who showed kindness and goodness to his servants. He gave the servants money and trusted that they would take it and use it well. A clear challenge presented to us is the response of the servants – will we accept the master’s kindness, working hard and serving him joyfully, seeking to give back to him? Or will we be like the last servant who failed to hold a correct view of his lord, declaring him to be a harsh man who reaped what he did not deserve? From this incorrect perspective came the failure to act faithfully on his master’s behalf.

God is our master and our view of Him needs to be strengthened. When we see God for the good and kind master that He is, then like the first two servants we may enter faithfully and joyfully into His service, being moved to eager action, honouring Him which each gift and talent He has given to us.

“In Sunday School I learned the Pharisees looked fancy and good on the outside but they were dirty and sinful on the inside. They were like a decorated tomb, with yucky bones and blood and stuff on inside! I was surprised at that. I learnt we can only be clean on the inside if we ask God to wash away our sins and help us.”

Jessie, age 6.

How to pray for our children this month:

  • Pray that our children would learn that faith in God stirs us up and leads to action in joyful service. Let’s pray that God would reveal giftings and talents to them – nobody is too young to serve. (And let us as adults be examples to them in this!)
  • Fruitful and meaningful discussions – time goes quick on a Sunday morning but that is only 1 hour of their week. Pray that what is discussed on a Sunday flows into the other 167 hours.

by Amy Turner
Associate for Childrens’ Ministries