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When one person is saved, heaven rejoices. Have you ever tried to imagine what that looks like?

Perhaps you have spent years yearning for someone who is lost. Maybe you have prayed until it feels like you have nothing left, yet you are met with what feels like a deafening silence from heaven with little hope of salvation.

In Kids Church, we read Luke 15 where Jesus tells a parable about 100 sheep. A shepherd has 100 sheep but is left with 99 when one strays from the others. Surely there is no significance to that 1 when the shepherd has the others to keep him occupied? In fact, Jesus teaches us quite the opposite. The shepherd does not just go out to search for the 1, but he celebrates and rejoices when he finds it.

The shepherd does not settle until that 1 returns home. The shepherd so loves his sheep that he would die for them.

Like the shepherd, we do not lose hope. Jesus loves his sheep so we continue to pray for the 1, trusting that the Good Shepherd will find them. His love is greater and our prayers are not wasted. What a thought to envisage the day when all of heaven rejoices for the 1 you have prayed for!

“By hearing about some of the miracles that Jesus performed when he was on earth, it makes me realise that He is all powerful and worthy of my praise. It makes me want to tell others about Him and thank Him for all He has done for me.”

Rebekah, age 9.

How to pray for our children this month:

  • Salvation – many of our children have not yet asked Jesus into their heart. Pray that hearing stories like the Lost Sheep awakens in them a knowledge of their Saviour’s love for them.
  • Questions – as we are spending January – March looking at miracles, pray that their sense of awe and wonder will increase and that they will begin to ask questions. Pray for the leaders who have these special moments.

by Amy Turner
Associate for Childrens’ Ministries