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Standing Order

The easiest way is to complete a Standing Order form which will automatically send your offering on an ongoing monthly basis straight to the High Kirk bank account.

The form allows you to specify a split between FWO, Mission, Building/Property and Utd Appeal. Please remember to include your FWO number for identification. It should be posted to your Bank.

Online Banking

If you have access to Internet online banking (either on your computer or smartphone) you can make a payment from your account to the High Kirk account. Set High Kirk up as a payee in your online banking app (account number 00179876 and sort code 95-02-31) and then you can transfer your offering with flexibility, weekly, monthly or as you decide.

Please remember to add your FWO Number for identification purposes to the reference. Using this method, you need to separate the transfers between FWO, Mission, Property and United Appeal by changing the reference alongside your FWO number i.e.

FWO Number
FWO Number – Mission
FWO Number – Property
FWO Number – United Appeal.



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