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The unhurried pace of Jesus. The frustration of Mary. The confusion of Martha.

The story of Lazarus is one that never fails to leave me with wonder.

John tells us that Jesus’ friend Lazarus is on the brink of death and so Jesus is summoned to heal him. Surprisingly, Jesus does not seem in any rush to make it to Bethany. Soon enough Lazarus dies and understandably, Mary and Martha become frustrated that Jesus did not save their brother. Surely within them was an ache and longing for their brother or an anger, perhaps even bitterness towards Jesus?

The second half of this story is even more captivating for two key reasons. Firstly, I don’t know how often we ponder Jesus’ humanity. This passage meets us with the shortest but one of the most powerful verses in the whole of Scripture: “Jesus wept”.  Jesus’ response to the events was him meeting the mourning sisters in feeling exactly what they felt.

Secondly, Martha’s encounter with Jesus: “BUT I know that even God will give you whatever you ask.” What would our lives look like to have the confidence of Martha in holding Lord Jesus as the miracle worker and one who is sovereign over all, even in the midst of confusion?

We are shown Jesus’ love and compassion but also his power, might and ability to do more than we could ever imagine.  What would our lives look like if, like Martha, we demonstrated our confidence in a God who is beyond our full comprehension, but is always within our reach?

“I was playing Lazarus & I learned that he died and his sisters got Jesus and he said ‘Get Up’ and he did. Jesus loved him. My memory verse was about the full armour of God. It’s from the Bible, that’s from God’s word.”

Ezra, age 5.

How to pray for our children this month:

  • Continue to pray for salvation and a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Some children have given their lives to Jesus but let’s believe that God isn’t finished yet!
  • Pray for P7s who will be moving from HK Kids to HK Youth in April. Some of them are leaving behind 7 years of children’s ministry. Pray for the seeds that have been planted, that they would flourish. Pray for them to settle and feel at home in HK Youth.

by Amy Turner
Associate for Childrens’ Ministries