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What do you think of when you think of extravagance? Expensive gifts, plush hotels, meals so fancy that you aren’t entirely sure what you are eating?

The actual definition of extravagance is “a lack of restraint in spending money or using resources”. This month, the children learned about a story which goes above and beyond the definition of extravagance.

Jesus, his disciples and friends were gathered about to celebrate Passover. Within this group of people was Mary. They were all gathered in Simon’s house, ready to share a meal together. Mary approached Jesus who was reclining at the table. She had a jar of expensive perfume – probably worth around one year’s wages – which she broke open and poured over Jesus’ head and feet.

Caught up with the fragrance of the room was the bewilderment of the others watching Mary’s wastefulness. In this peculiar moment, where others saw great waste, Jesus saw unrestrained worship. He deemed the costliness of her extravagant worship to be exemplary. For Mary, a year’s worth of oil was worth less than this opportunity to worship Him there in His presence. She wanted to showcase to the others what she thought Jesus was worth.

How often do we look at our worship through a wordly lens? Jesus is more interested in the obedience of our hearts. Genuine worship, even at its costliest, is worth more than all the treasures of this world. Mary was set apart because she demonstrated Christ’s value.

What is Jesus worth to you? What do you have to bring to him? Is your worship extravagant?

“I learned that Jesus is alive and that he can be in our hearts forever.”

Danny, age 4.

How to pray for our children this month:

  • For the wonderful news of 2 more children coming to faith! God is moving massively in their little hearts – be so encouraged. Please keep praying for more!!
  • Continue to pray for fruitful and meaningful discussions –Sunday morning is only 1 hour of their week. Pray that what is discussed on a Sunday flows into the other 167 hours.

by Amy Turner
Associate for Childrens’ Ministries