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This Sunday we begin a major new morning series looking at the great prophet Elijah and lessons he can teach us in the days in which we live. Hopefully we will look at 8 episodes in the life of Elijah taking us up to the summer. In these uncertain and critical times I believe the Lord is speaking to us as a church and reminding us of great spiritual truths that will benefit us and help us to live as a non-anxious presence and be a witness to our society.

In the times which Elijah lived we find powerful themes among which are:

  • going deeper with God in crisis times
  • the temptations of idolatry
  • the ongoing spiritual warfare believers live with
  • how to deal with times of depression and despair
  • reminders of the daily power of God in our lives

Join us online each Sunday morning as we allow this “man just like us” (James 5:17) to stir us up to be men and women of faith today.